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Stag Homme XXX: Rec

Click image to view full film. Membership required.

I started watching REC days ago, but it took me a minute to get through it. I had to keep putting it on pause. *g* The whole thing has slammed me into a touch of writer's block. I'm having a hard time stringing sentences together about REC that make any sorta god damn sense.

Manuel Lopez is back, and he's even hotter than before. The last time we saw playa, he tapped the hell outta Damien and folks lost their fucking minds. He's pure sechs. *woof* Don't front, you know everyone who saw *that* was waiting for the remix. Here it is: Manuel and Francesco, assisted by Damien in that special way only a hooker can.

REC is off the chain. It's straight up nasty, containing the three things I love most: spit, piss and facials! I'm a whore for it. The opening is very much a suck and switch match, enhanced by tight edits, creating a sense of fellati-urgency. Who loves great cock sucking! I do! Oh the spit...In REC Manuel, Francesco and Damien elevate spitting into an art form, a language with mood, rhythm, and inflection. I'm coming apart watching this. *pants*

By the time I reached the pissing portion of our program, I was flailing, flailing just short of making animal noises. Piss just gets me. It really does. Not only is Francesco still clothed which I find sexy as all get out, he's on all fours with that gorgeous, furry ass exposed while Manuel and Damien piss all up in it and around him. Werq. Ok, I'm hot. That's fucking inspirational.

The triple cumshot facial left me gaytarded. What's my name? Where am I? Can I get something to drink! My OCD compelled me to want to lick Francesco at the end. His face and belly are a mess and I'm a clean freak. I couldn't have been the only one thinking that. yum, yum, yum!!

I love piggish porn and REC delivers. Carpe Diem Papa, indeed.

I snagged a few photos of Manuel from the gallery. Manuel's like the best kept Spanish secret which begs the question to my flist: what the fuck are 'we' still doing here when we could whoring our way thru Europe with boys like that? HELLO!!!

Oh in case you missed it: DJ StagC mixed the beats for this one. It's sick Madrid trance. *g*

Pics be hereCollapse )

StagHomme Spycam Feat Manuel Lopez

"Everyday I'm hustlin. Everyday I'm hustlin.."

Click image to view full film. Membership required.

Ok ya'll. I'm gonna stop 'reviewing' Stag Homme videos in lieu my apparent lack of common sense in my last few SH related posts. I've said nothing intelligent for a few weeks about the site. It's been crazy filled with dribble and drool. Those particular brain cells are like blown fuses and the electrician is tired of changing them shits out. Mama is thru; the searing heat coming out of one penthouse in Madrid has me in a hurry.

Lately, StagHomme has contributed to global warming. The polar caps melted just a little more after Spycam. Ain't nothing inconvenient about it, feel me?

I watched Spycam. Daddy Yankee provided the beats. I made the caps. That was all I fuckin had at that moment. I was hollaring while Damien had his feet in the ayer with a "oh hot dayum" expression on his face! Manuel Lopez has all the makings of a Spanish ragamuff all the bitches are sweatin. He's thuggish ruggish bone with his straight bill Yankee cap, gold chain and that melancholy look leading one to believe he is just a puppy under that gear. Wrong! Manuel is neither soft nor fierce. He's gangsta. Playa fucked Damien with Hustlin' playing in his head. Yes, every day you is hustlin. *g*

I loved the incredible sexual chemistry between Damien and Manuel. Playa tapped that ass into next week, and Damien's body language was open and very willing. Manuel worked all of Damien's hot buttons. So fucking hot to watch! You know that shit is good when you're cumming so hard, you gotta get up on your shoulders hydraulics style to work it out, forcing all the all the blood back into your other head. Bounce, cummon bounce.

Anyone else lightheaded? Love it, right?

As an aside, I'm not leaving my man alone with anyone who evokes such a primal response. In fact afterwards, I'm walkin that thug ass to the door with a 'we only need your professional services, dig?" attitude. What's love got to do with it? Every damn thang. That's my opinion projection, but, I'm just sayin'... LOL

Let me get back on track.

The bonus footage blew my mind. Big surprise! The spitting got to me. Straight up, playa hocked a few unfocused lugies during his warm up, but like Derek Jeter taking some practice swings before knocking one out of Yankee Stadium, Manuel hit his spit stride. It was aggressive and hot. He was hitting the strike zone for real. Hey battuh battuh, spit battuh!! Come on, chico!!!

I can't even talk about Damien in the bonus...He's a dirty whorish hoover piggie! I gotta give him a WOINK WOINK for the end. Fuck, I love him.

I don't even know where Team StagHomme found Manuel, but they need to go get the rest of his crew off that same corner: Pablo, Carlos, Juan, and Pepe! LOL

the licky boom boom down pic spamCollapse )

Stag Homme XXX: Spycam, a teaser post...

Yes, I'm alive and a little recuperated from my fantastic weekend in SF. I don't think I really slept. In addition to hanging out with my nearly all of my SF facebook friends at once (go PLAY!) I met some new ones that instantly became near and dear to my heart. Pebbles is my favorite Flintstone character now. *g*

Maybe I was away too long and missed the memo, but when in the hell did Daddy Yankee become a Stag Homme exclusive? Holla! This playa is south Bronx, right off the 6 train, son.

And just incase, my awesome flist you have NO idea who Daddy Yankee is, just watch the vid. Fran's East/West hat Makes an appearance here. *g* Love me some Daddy Yankee..

Totally watch the trailer....Just gotta... Trust me..

Spycam TrailerCollapse )

You like that? Yeah, I know; it's hawt, right. I'm saving the words for tomorrow after I see the bonus footage and check my ghetto. Right now tho I'm dropping some images. Ya'll enjoy while i watch this joint again!

Drop It Like It's HotCollapse )

Stag Homme: Cachondo

Thank you Kris for letting me know this joint was up. Me love you long time!

I just finished watching Cachondo, the sneaky surprise offering from Stag Homme this week. This post is going to make no sense at all. I'm going to try to keep my inner fangurl from exploding on the scene. Quite honestly I've just lost it. Lost. It. F-list, ya'll might just wanna jump to the cut tag and check out the heavy pic spam of screen cappy goodness. There were so many pretteh moments to cap for icons, it was hard not to go overboard. *g*

Let's do this!

Click image to view trailer. Membership required to view full video.

In Cachondo we find a buffed, naked Francecso watching straight porn. He decides to order a pizza with full intention of showing off his wares to whomever is at his door. Fran's done this before. He knows Pizza Hut delivery boys are particularly delectable. Enter Aitor Crash. He is hot sex. He makes the delivery and earns a nice tip in the end.

The entire time I'm watching the opening of Cachondo, I'm thinking damn this feels like a regular TV show. There's a teaser and slick opening credits. As with Morpheus, Team Stag Homme continues to envelop steamy sexual encounters within rich story lines. Stag Homme raises the bar on porn then kicks it into the stratosphere with Cachondo. There's nothing else like it.

Aitor Crash. He is incredible! Out of all the models Stag Homme uses, Aitor is one of my favorites. He's raw; he's primal. And when he talks, all hormonal hell breaks loose. I am seduced by his voice. It's smooth like good whiskey, sluicing over all the right spots....Aitor can speak in piglatin it'd be the most erotic dirty talk ever. Ever. I couldn't tell you most of what he said in Cachondo, but I didn't ever want him to stop speaking. Here bitch, bend your boy over the table and do 'em while reading the phone book. Start with the A's. Can I get an AMEN!

I won't mention Aitor's dog bark. That is totally hot, and the bite sweeter. It should be required that Aitor make grunty, animialistic noises in every scene he does. arf arf mutha fucka. arf arf.

Can Aitor fuck or can he FUCK! Aitor musta hit Fran's magic button or something. Fran is all over the place and howling Dio, Dio, Dio. Go on and testify! D'Macho aural for the win.

Check it, I could really go on and on about this one but it'd just be an incoherent blubbering barking mess! Shit go look at the goodies, then go watch the scene. Oggle, love and pet this one. It's so fucktastically good.

Cachondo Images of Sublime GoodnessCollapse )

Stag Homme: Morpheus

I'm a blogging machine today! Get ready!

First up...

Cover art by the very talented Nicolas Brunet. Click Image to view trailer.

Stag Homme has a brilliant new film up. I was going to do some sort of review, but every time I started to write about it, my brain short circuited. Staghomme.com is evolving into THE definitive powerhouse porn site. I'm constantly waiting every week with baited breath to see what will happen next. When my prony friends ask me what site I am currently watching, without missing a beat, the answer is always Stag Homme followed by a knowing wink and nod. No shame in the game.

Morpheus is magnificent, completely original in style and concept. Morpheus is the Greek god of dreams, who, as the opening narration states, lives in a cave and lies on an ebony bed, surrounded by poppy flowers. Get it. Good. The opening credits of glorious ancient artwork and music pull me right into Morpheus's arms. I was left weak and wanting from the heavy percussion and vibrant strings completed by a solo mezzo soprano voice. It's Claudio Monteverdi modernized. Gorgeous!

Morpheus doesn't feature Damien and so and so, or Francesco with so and so. It's Damien and Francesco together. Yes, they have incredible chemistry and affection for each other, and what they have chosen to show of their romance in chats and Stag TV is complex and multidimensional. But it was their unconventional, raw sexual energy that held me sway during the film. Now,Voyeur!

Morpheus is a film in two acts, which i felt at times were a little uneven. I preferred second act; I thought the performances were stronger and the intensity consistent throughout. Having said that, I've watched the first act more times than I will openly admit. The montage at the end of act one was a dizzying assault on the senses, culminating in a beautifully lit hands free nocturnal emission.

For me the thrust of Mopheus resides in act two. It's ridiculously good! Let's get into it. There be meta here...Collapse )

Stag Homme: Stockholm Syndrome

It comes down to this.
Your kiss.
Your fist.
And your strain.
It get's under my skin.
Take in the extent of my sin-- Nine Inch Nails, 5in

Stockholm Syndrome is a physical and psychological journey, dark, violent and seductive. A larger than life and deliciously cruel Damien Crosse puts Dennis De Nello, our abductee, to the question. Damien is powerful, filling the screen with his presence and masterfully breaks down Dennis’s defenses using everything at his disposal, namely Dennis’s body. The moment Dennis submits marks the beginning of the end. Damien flips the script and unties Dennis. Instead of offering pain he shows tenderness. Dennis is lulled into a false sense of security, needing to be possessed by his captor, as if that wasn’t his lot already. Damien obliges him, and fucks him within an inch of his life. The kiss at the end is so revealing. It’s a disconnect, the end game. Dennis doesn’t see it coming. Nor do I, having fully surrendered to the scene. I love characters that suffer well. Dennis did it so convincingly, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I perversely enjoyed Damien punching him, spitting on him, and impaling himself on Dennis.

The camera work here is spectacular, mirroring Dennis’s mental state. Jarring and disorienting in the beginning, the camera steadies as Dennis makes his final descent into hell. The gunshot at the end feels like someone snapped his fingers bringing me abruptly back to reality from my hypnotic state. I don’t recall what I was doing, it’s as if it never happened, but there’s blood on the screen.

The best kind of entertainment is when I suspend all disbelief and fully connect with the material. How could Team Stag Homme possibly know the image a man, beaten, drugged and tied to a chair would resonate so deeply with me? They couldn’t, but they did. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

Stockholm Syndrome is nothing less than magnificent.

It comes down to this..Collapse )

Stag TV, remixed

I intended to do a more cohesive post about the Madrid episode, but after re-watching it for the kajillionth time, and also running the other two episodes in my head, I thought a meta post was more in order.

I love Stag TV. It's absolutely brilliant. The production value is top notch, yet the episodes feel like little home movies, the kind iLife claims you can do without Final Cut Pro. Damien and Francesco have a great feel for intermixing content and creating dramatic moments. They tell a great story without all the contrivances of many popular 'reality' shows.

As I'm watching Stag TV a part of me is going 'are you fucking. kidding. me!' The stuffed bunny! It will take some major convincing to tell me they don't sleep with it and the rest of their animal collection. Hello Kitty?! Am I watching a teenage girlie slumber party? Truly it's made of love. Oh and all that rampant adorableness, I'm eating it up. It's like watching Lifetime and no one gets traumatized. I thought nothing could top the Sir Biss moment, but I ovulated the moment little bunny rabbit made its way onto Francesco's shoulder. Even now, I'm feeling the happy, happy, joy, joy well up in my chest over it. I just wanna scream BEST BUNNY DADDY EVAR!

*composes self*

There's the stuff I know all the guys get wood over. Francesco and Damien's hard and heavy cocks splashed across the screen. After the "thing," Francesco's cock was a gorgeous angry beast. If it could make noise, it woulda growled. Much skeeting ensued during the fuck show but really, who busted a nut during the scardies cuddling? As a side note, watching Damien suck Francesco's cock never gets old. He should get a special achievement award in cocksucking and sheer eroticism.

Do gay men squeal over this as much as I tend to?

When I left the dark side, straight porn, and began to watch gay porn exclusively, I was aware that I was viewing something that wasn't made for my eyes. That is not to say straight porn is meant for women either, despite the few sites out there that cater to women. That is an entirely different conversation. Here I am, a woman, getting completely turned on by the rawest sex, camera angles that had more to do with capturing and titillating the male gaze than the softer more intimate positions that women seem to "favor" in porn. Toss in some gay romance Daniel and Pedro and well, I'm fully hooked and engaged.

That said, I'm wondering who the Stag TV target audience is versus who is actually watching. I'd presume the main audience is mostly gay or bisexual men with a few women mixed in. The women are quite vocal on the site, commenting and stuff. Guys comment too, but their comments are...guy like. I'm beginning to think at some point gay men just got WAY more femme while still thinking and having the instinctual drives of...well men. I just missed the revolution.

Funny, I never ever think about this stuff when watching the XXX features. It’s crystal clear what that’s all about. Go figure! LOL

Stag TV: Torremolinos

Change, nothing stays the same
Unchained, yeah you hit the ground running

Here is the deal. Remember a couple days ago when I was like 'oh Francesco obsession whip chair..." I just chucked that fucking chair outta the window! I gotta give much love to mountie123 for the virtual paper bag and ewansandisgirl for telling me to "take a deep breath and press confirm." Friends help other friends work out their porn star issues! LMAO

I watched Stag TV first. I'm a whore for behind the scenes and other random crap. At the very least, I'll be able to calm the fuck down to actually watch the hardcore vids, right?


Torremolinos opens with a capped Francesco poured into a white t-shirt with hard nips, like gummidrops! It's enough to send me flailing: fingers spread and arms waving! What are the words at the bottom? I don't know. I officially lose command of the English language and turn into a jibberish, drooling fangurl making dolphin noises the first go round!

I need to pull it together.

So, let me rewind and watch this like I have a little sense.

Torremolinos esta aqui!Collapse )