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Stag Homme XXX: Rec

Click image to view full film. Membership required.

I started watching REC days ago, but it took me a minute to get through it. I had to keep putting it on pause. *g* The whole thing has slammed me into a touch of writer's block. I'm having a hard time stringing sentences together about REC that make any sorta god damn sense.

Manuel Lopez is back, and he's even hotter than before. The last time we saw playa, he tapped the hell outta Damien and folks lost their fucking minds. He's pure sechs. *woof* Don't front, you know everyone who saw *that* was waiting for the remix. Here it is: Manuel and Francesco, assisted by Damien in that special way only a hooker can.

REC is off the chain. It's straight up nasty, containing the three things I love most: spit, piss and facials! I'm a whore for it. The opening is very much a suck and switch match, enhanced by tight edits, creating a sense of fellati-urgency. Who loves great cock sucking! I do! Oh the spit...In REC Manuel, Francesco and Damien elevate spitting into an art form, a language with mood, rhythm, and inflection. I'm coming apart watching this. *pants*

By the time I reached the pissing portion of our program, I was flailing, flailing just short of making animal noises. Piss just gets me. It really does. Not only is Francesco still clothed which I find sexy as all get out, he's on all fours with that gorgeous, furry ass exposed while Manuel and Damien piss all up in it and around him. Werq. Ok, I'm hot. That's fucking inspirational.

The triple cumshot facial left me gaytarded. What's my name? Where am I? Can I get something to drink! My OCD compelled me to want to lick Francesco at the end. His face and belly are a mess and I'm a clean freak. I couldn't have been the only one thinking that. yum, yum, yum!!

I love piggish porn and REC delivers. Carpe Diem Papa, indeed.

I snagged a few photos of Manuel from the gallery. Manuel's like the best kept Spanish secret which begs the question to my flist: what the fuck are 'we' still doing here when we could whoring our way thru Europe with boys like that? HELLO!!!

Oh in case you missed it: DJ StagC mixed the beats for this one. It's sick Madrid trance. *g*

Click here for more pics

BTW, wouldn't a scene between Aitor and Manuel be completely amazing? Run that through the porn reel in your head. I'm totally thinking Matador and the bull! *g*


Apr. 15th, 2009 07:05 am (UTC)
I dunno...did I like it? I think so! :@) You are being far too kind. I'm blathering really. LOL

Aitor and Manuel...oh hay-ell yes!